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A Great Giveaway to your Ecologically Conscious Clients

A great Giveaway to your Ecologically conscious Clients

Your customers are looking for new ways to be ecological and sustainable,
and what better gift than a
reusable, washable and recyclable thermal bag.

Penguin 40x40x20
4.66 AED

Iceberg 40x50x14
5.75 AED
3.83 AED

And now, with our limited time offer you can satisfy more clients
with the same budget.
In fact, you can have 50% more bags until the end of
January if you invest in 2 cartons of any size.

call our Sales Team to arrange
the order Delivery
04 240 2060

The most important is that your clients will always remember the useful gift
they received from you, each time they go on a picnic, or have to carry cold items out to a friend or from a supermarket or have a boat trip.

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