Prodel Psb Cup Kraft With PP Lid-500Pieces

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Durable, Eco-friendly Kraft Paper Food Cup

Prodel Pak is a leading supplier in food packaging industry. It offers wide range of biodegradable, recyclable and eco-friendly packaging for restaurants and small businesses. Prodelpak has long been working to supply the most durable and food contact safe packaging products made from renewable resources.

Prodel Pak’s kraft paper food cups are microwavable, recyclable, and leak-resistant that can withstand heat because of its thick paper construction that ensures durability.

This food cup features a tightly-rolled rim, to ensure a secure and tight lid fit. This helps to prevent spills while also eliminating the risk of rapid temperature loss. The rolled-rim is smooth which makes it great for sipping too. The cup comes with a vented paper lid to let hot, moist air out. Various sizes are available so you can serve your customers with the portions they request.

The food cups are ideal for various types of hot foods like, soups, steamed veggies, stews and etc. They can also be used for cold foods like ice creams, gelatos and fruit salads.

Primary Functions:

  • Leak resistant, holds all types of foods, sauces, and gravies
  • Retains heat and vents steam, keeping food fresh
  • Recyclable
  • Biodegradable
  • Microwavable
  • Customizable sizes with full color printing


500 pcs

Additional information

Weight 10 kg

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