Dibag San is an insulated transport bag designed especially for delivering hot and cold foods while preserving the taste and aroma of the food inside. It is the top-of-the-line product that meets all the conditions of high-end users.

 Insulated Transport Bag Dibag San — Black

 Waterproof, Durable and lightweight fabric: This insulated transport bag is made with 600D fabric which is 100% Polyester. The rain cover is added to cover the zippers and protect the bag from entering water inside it. 

  • Double layer insulation: Dibag San is developed with 2 layers of insulation to maintain the temperature of the food inside while delivering food warm and fresh to customer’s doorsteps. 
  • Lightweight transport bag: The professional insulated transport bag is designed to be tough and lightweight the back of the driver.
  • Ergonomic design and sturdy structure: Ensures comfort and safety to the driver while carrying on his back. Additionally, the strong structure makes the bag tough and unbreakable. 
  • Large capacity bag delivers multiple orders in a single delivery
  • Adjustable top and back straps to fit snugly on every side
  • Modular delivery bag system allows you to upgrade, adapt, or transform the bag to suit your operation:
    • Internal separator: Shelf that separates the bag in to 2 or more compartments so it can hold more food in an organized way possible.
    • Heated shelf: is an easy to use and maintain internal element that heats in 5 min and keeps the food hot for about 50 min.
    • Top beverage: additional compartment for beverages on top of the bag.

    Product Specs

    Weight Empty (kg)


    Weight with One Shelf


    Internal Dimension width x depth x height (cm)


    Internal Dimension width x depth x height (inches)


    External Dimension width x depth x height (cm)


    External Dimension width x depth x height (inches)


    Internal Capacity (liters)


    Carry Mode

    Backpack, bike



    Back strap Model

    Curved Shape

    External Fabric


    Internal Fabric


    Internal Fabric Treatment


    Zipper Type


    Zipper Size


    Insulation Type

    PRDI-Double Layer Insulation

    Aluminum Hard Frame


    Hard Sides


    Lower Back Support

    High Density lower back Padding

    Plastic Foot Stands


    Shoulder Strap Padding

    Foam Padding

    Additional information

    Weight 4 kg

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