An extraordinary design ideal for hot food deliveries. The key benefits are to keep food at a proper temperature and to place multiple orders by separating the bag with a horizontal shelf which adds a value to the bag.

 Insulated Food Carry Bag Dibag FT40

  • Front-loading insulated food carry bag: Is used in cars and motorbikes with fixed boxes. This bag opens from the front for easy access to the food inside.
  • Inside Shelf: Adjustable shelf to separate the cold from hot food
  • Heavy Insulation: The 2 layers of insulation is an additional feature besides the heating system to keep the food fresh until served while preventing it from getting soggy.
  • 600D waterproof fabric helps you to clean your bag easily
  • Reinforced handles: The insulated food carry bags reap the benefits of giving a safe and comfortable transport from kitchen to motorcycle.
  • Stack able: for easy storage 
  • Plastic foot stand: Rigid plastic foot stands to keep your bag from getting dirty and wet when placing on the ground.
  • Modular delivery bag system allows you to upgrade, adapt, or transform the bag to suit your operation:
    • Heated shelf: is an easy to use and maintain internal element that heats in 5 min and keeps the food hot for about 50 min.
    • Aluminum tray for cups
    • Foam cup holder

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Weight 10000 kg

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